Workers’ Compensation Delays: Why These Happen in Scottsdale

When a Scottsdale worker sustains a workplace injury, they can file for workers’ comp benefits that cover their financial losses such as medical expenses and lost wages. Although such benefits need to be paid promptly, so that an employee does not face financial hardships, legitimate claims can take a long time to settle. 

Applying for workers’ comp benefits is a complex process with lots of deadlines to meet and paperwork to complete correctly. A minor mistake can lead to a setback. A delay to a claim can be quite frustrating because medical bills can pile up quickly and the income of the sufferer dries up. That is why claimants must hire a workers compensation lawyer in Scottsdale to help them navigate the application process, ensuring they do not make mistakes that can delay the resolution even further. 

Workers’ Compensation Claim Timeline

The timeline for a Scottsdale workers’ comp claim tends to vary. In general, those who sustain a job-related injury should report the accident to their employer or supervisor right away. Not doing so can lead to delayed or denied benefits. 

Additionally, state law offers claimants just a year from the accident date to file a workers’ compensation claim. Missing the deadline can result in the denial of their claims. To initiate a claim, a worker should file an injury report form with the Industrial Commission of Arizona. The applicant will get a Notice of Claim Status from the Commission within fourteen days. Such notice will inform the claimant whether their claim was approved or denied. If the application is approved, the letter will include the wage replacement benefit amount. 

Denied, reduced, or terminated benefits can be appealed with the help of an attorney. Claimants can dispute the denial within ninety days. They must provide their attorney with enough time to create a strong case. 

Reason for Delays

 Worker’s comp claims can be delayed because of the insurance company’s reluctance to pay. The company may request additional information from the applicant along with an independent medical examination. Also, a claim may be delayed if the applicant’s doctor does not give relevant medical documents to the insurance company right away. Other reasons for delay in the processing of workers’ compensation claims include understaffing, bureaucratic procedures, and fraud. 

Those who sustained injuries due to a job-related accident may deserve workers’ comp benefits as they heal. They can increase their chances of getting timely benefits by working with an experienced workers’ comp attorney.